Welcome to the photography order page for The Country Club. Listed below are the images that are available to order this year. I've attempted to list the sizes and items available for order, but due to the shape and dimensions of some images, not every photo will fit every sized product. I'll work with each member to make sure that what you want will fit an appropriate size. Each photo has a title underneath. Just contact me at johnmanginephotography@gmail.com or (814) 853-0466 with any questions and to place orders. Thanks!
Note: The proceeds from these photo sales will go to support The Country Club. 

Unframed Photo Prints
 If you're interested in professional framing after your photographs arrive, member Susan Shrock at Your Image is Our Business is available to help you with your framing needs. She can be reached at (814) 336-9468.
*Other custom sizes might be possible- Contact me with questions 
The way the printing companies work, you get a great deal on ordering multiple prints (can be different images). Prices already include tax and shipping to club.
Size          Price
8x10        $25.00   (3 for $60)
8x12        $27.00    (3 for $64)
11x14        $32.00   (3 for $74)
10x13       $30.00   (3 for $70)
10x15       $32.00   (3 for $74)
10x20      $35.00   (3 for $80)
10x30      $45.00   (3 for $100)
12x12       $25.00   (3 for $60) 
12x24      $45.00   (3 for $100)
16x20      $50.00   (3 for $110)
16x24      $55.00   (3 for $120)
20x20     $60.00   (3 for $130
20x24     $62.00   (3 for $132) 
24x36     $100.00  (3 for $210)
30x40     $125.00  (3 for $260) 

Canvas with Wooden Frame

These are photos printed on canvas that come with a basic wooden frame around the canvas. These look really nice and come ready to hang on the wall. 

Again, the company that prints these gives a large discount if you order multiple (doesn't need to be the same image), so feel free to combine with other members on your order to get the better price for these. 
Frame colors are: Stained Brown, Almond, Black, White, Natural 
Size           Price (Prices include tax and shipping to the club)
8x10          $75   (Deal at 3 or more $60 each)
10x12         $85   (Deal at 3 or more $65 each)
13x13         $95   (Deal at 3 or more $70 each)
12x16         $95   (Deal at 3 or more $70 each)
16x16         $105  (Deal at 3 or more $75 each)
25x17        $125  (Deal at 2 or more $75 each)
25x25       $135  (Deal at 2 or more $95 each)
44x22       $165   (Deal at 2 or more $105 each) 

We're hoping to have some examples of these for members to see in the clubhouse soon, but you can see below what these look like.  I'm also hoping that we'll have a calendar to offer at some point this winter as well as some other photo items. 
You can reach me at (814) 853-0466 or johnmanginephotography.com

Examples of canvas with wooden frames:

There is also an option for these canvases to be printed on more of a floating wooden frame. That is generally about $30 more per piece, but contact me with questions. 

Metal Wall Art
Photos printed on shiny aluminum, ready to hang. 
-Contact me for details on these-

Gallery of Available Images for 2023

Sign at #1 Tee

CC Starter Clock

Pro Shop 

1905 Tee Marker

Springtime Clubhouse 

Fall Clubhouse #18

Overhead Club View

Summer Sunset from Flowerbed 

Sunlight Peonies 

#9 Green Sunburst

#13 Daisies 

#2 Fall Peak Foliage Bird's Eye

#5 Orange Glow

Spring Orange Sun

#7 Overhead

#12 Summer Sunset

#17 Green Flower View

#9 Green July Thunderstorm

4th of July CC Flag

4th of July Club Fireworks

#11 Green Pano

#1 Summer Fade

#1 Fall Bunker View

#4 Green Summer Stone View

#1 Fairway Fall

#1 Fall Green Fade

#2 Fall High View Pano

Soft Fall Pano

Oil Paint Look #2 Green

Oil Paint Look #13 Overhead

Oil Paint Look Fall Pano

#3 Green Fall

#4 Green Closeup Fall 

#12 Fall Pano

#17 Green Fall Version 1

#17 Green Fall Version 2

#12 Dark Skies

Overhead Fall Pano #1

Fall Red Trees 

High Grass Fade

Overhead Sunset Flare

Spring Orange/Yellow Flowerbed

Subtle Sunset 

#12 Summer Overhead

#12 Summer Sunset Pano

Sunset Clouds

#9 Green Sunset Pano

#18 Spring Orange

#3 Green Pines Overhead

#3 Green Straight On

#5 Spring Overhead

#5 Spring 

#5 Spring Green Bird's Eye

Spring Low View

Bright Floaters 

#5 Spring Pink and White

Spring Pink Foreground

Fall Leaves Foreground

#9 Late Sunset

#18 Spring Pink and White

#18 Spring Flag Closeup

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